Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our House

One of the many blogs that we started but never posted anything about, was a blog about our cute little house. About two and half years ago Chris bought a fixer-upper and we have had a lot of fun creating a small corner of the world for us.

Here is the before:

And here is the after (so far):

Needless to say, we made quite a few changes.

Last year I planted a bunch of flowers only to realize this year that they were all annuals. This year I made sure that I only bought perennials and have planted a little flower garden in the front. I'm excited for everything to grow nice and big and bloom.

My first poppy bloomed.

I'm also working on a little herb garden in our kitchen window.

Here is our outdoor garden (so far):

It looks a lot like a big pile of dirt, but look--my beans are coming up:

Our big project this summer is working on the backyard. We are in the process of cutting down a large tree to clear space and allow sun for fruit trees.


  1. very cute - i love the little white picket fence!

  2. I love it! You completely transformed it. We did that to an old house in Montana. Somewhat satisfying, but a lot of hard work! Very cute! Susan

  3. I didn't know Chris was a tree surgeon! Man of many talents :)

    Your house has always been an inspiration. You people were made for fixer-uppers. Based on our experience living in a 1940's home that has had a leaking faucet since the day we moved in, Ryan and I are meant for stucco suburbia. Where faucets don't leak.

    Oh, well, at least we have a giant pumpkin seedling in the backyard. Good luck with your garden!


  4. Perfect size, perfect color, perfect garden. I love your home!