Thursday, March 7, 2013


Back in December, Chris and I decided to use a little of my leftover education money from work to help pay for a trip to Hawaii. I signed up for a medical conference and we booked our tickets. We also invited my Mom along to help watch Avery. It was so nice to get out of the freezing, inversion-laden state of Utah for the warm clean air of Maui. We had a wonderful time.

While I attended my conference in the morning, Chris, Avery and my Mom hiked around the island and enjoyed the beach a little.

In the afternoon we visited a few of the state/national parks including Haleakala National Park which is home to Maui's massive volcano,

‘Iao Valley State Monument, where we took a very short rainy hike...

...and then came back to our rental car which had been broken into (the low point of the trip).

We drove in infamous Hana Highway (40 miles of a very windy coastal road that takes 3+ hours to drive),

explored some caves,

 and took a beautiful hike through a bamboo forest to a lovely waterfall.


We ate yummy food,

went to a luau,

and took a short boat ride around to watch the humpback whales.

We all had plenty of beach time.

On our last day we went to the World Whale Day Festival and listened to some great reggae music while we ate hand-dipped ice cream bars.

We loved Hawaii!