Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Provo River

Chris and I have taken a couple of bike rides out to Utah Lake over the last couple of weeks to look at the water level along the Provo River Trail and at the Lake. It has been super high because of the crazy weather this summer and all of the snow melt-off.

The first night that we went it was already dusk. What you can't see in the picture are the scores of bugs swarming overhead and me yelling at Chris to hurry up and ride by so I could take the picture.

The next day we went a little earlier in the day. You can see the water has flooded the Provo River Trail in a couple of places.

We saw a skunk on this ride. I tried to get a little closer to take a better picture but he turned his bum to me and I ran away before he could spray.

Here is a picture taken from another bike ride a few days later. This is the dam across the street from DI and the run off is normally much, much lower.

Chris and I had our first date at Utah Lake. We went to look at stars for an astronomy project I was completing. A few years later I proposed to Chris at the lake (he said yes but it would be a couple of years, several break-ups, and a few more proposals on Chris's side before we would actually tie the knot). Throughout our courtship we enjoyed many Sunday walks along the path. Both the lake and the river trail are very significant places for us.

The land bridge is nearly submerged. On our date we sat at the area down by the trees in the back left of the picture.