Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole!!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago Chris and I took my brother Chad to a Real Salt Lake soccer game for his birthday. It was the first time any of us had gone to one of their games, and it was AMAZING. Mostly because we sat next to these guys:

A crowd of flag-waving, confetti-throwing, drum-beating, spanish-song-chanting, fist-pumping, balloon-waving-for-90-minutes-solid fans. And these were the cheapest seats in the house!

This is Chad and Chris waving a large flag that covered an entire section of the stadium
after the only goal of the entire game was scored by Real.

Us smiling after the game ended.

I tried to get Chris to pose nice with me for a real picture but he was too busy "blocking the goal attempt" with the other Real players.

That same weekend we also watched two tennis matches (Nadal won the semi-final and then lost a heartbreaking final to Djokovic) and the Manny Pacquiao
boxing match. We had a great weekend watching sports!
Happy Birthday Chad!

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