Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break Part 1: Capitol Reef

Spring Break 2012!!!

The first half of Chris's spring break we went down to Capitol Reef National Park with a few of his students from his Science and Nature class. We stayed at the UVU field station just inside the park. 

On the way down we passed this cop car several times outside of a small town (we forgot a gas receipt and had to go back to get it). About the second time passing it Chris noticed something a little strange...

the driver of the car was just a dummy. What a great ruse.

When I first heard 'field station', I pictured something like out the TV show Lost. 
This was much nicer.

Our view from the field station. What a beautiful place. 

During the day we hiked, and at night we looked at the stars and watched Planet Earth.
Chris nearly died trying to scale a rock face.

 We explored some slot canyons. Having a bit of a belly made it a little harder for me to fit through some of the tighter spots.

The boys climbed up the slot canyon...

while the girls stayed down below.

One of Chris's students taught a short wilderness survival class. 
We learned how to make a fire with a bow.

We were rewarded with this amazing view at the end of the one of the hikes.

Chris was so enamored with the field station that he wrote a song for them.

Before we left we drove through Escalante National Park and hiked to a beautiful waterfall just 
outside of the park (Calf Creek Falls). 

We really loved Capitol Reef and had a great time.

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  1. What a wonderful blog post. The pictures were worth a thousand words. It looked like so much fun. Heavenly Father created some really beautiful places in Utah!