Sunday, April 1, 2012

A (fun.) weekend!

Chris and I had a wonderful weekend (except for the me working on Sunday morning part).

Friday afternoon I stopped by the Provo Tabernacle. BYU archaeologists were spending their last day excavating the foundation of the original Provo Tabernacle which was built in 1850. This tabernacle was built before the one that currently stands today, and the two buildings stood side by side for many years. The first tabernacle was eventually torn down, and it wasn't until this fall that it was even known that the foundation remained. The LDS church donated some of the foundation to Provo City to be used in various city projects honoring the pioneers. 
The Daily Herald wrote an interesting article about the project.

In addition to the foundation, excavators found several artifacts like beads, bullets, slate pencils, and small toys that remained in the basement or slipped through the floorboards. 

On Saturday we started working in the yard. As you can tell our backyard is a mess. It looks like a tornado swept through the area. We cut down three trees last summer and ran out of time to clean everything up.

We also planted a bunch of trees in the fall and are super happy that all of them survived the winter, however mild it was. We have popcorn popping on our apricot tree!

Saturday night Kansas played Ohio State in the Final Four and won! Chris is a KU alum and was super happy. The final is Monday night (I work again-sad).

As Chris was watching the BB game at a sports bar in downtown SLC, I was waiting to see one of my favorite bands. However, they were late taking the stage because their keyboardist is also a KU alumnus, and the band was watching the end of the game! Chris joined me about thirty minutes later and we had a great time dancing to the music of fun. I have been a fan of fun. and their lead singer's previous band The Format for about a decade now and am happy that they have recently begun to receive the success they deserve.

The best news from this weekend is that Chris had a paper accepted for presentation at a very prestigious Logic conference in the Czech Republic this summer. We celebrated with dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory (his choice). He even got a balloon flower!

I love you Chris and am so proud of you!

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