Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last weekend Chris took and I took a trip back to my old stopping ground of Manteca, CA. My nephew Tyson Harvey was baptised a member of the LDS (Mormon) faith. 
It was fun to visit with family and friends. We are so proud of Tyson. 

My Mom got Tyson a baptism book to remember his big day and a new case for his scriptures.

Chris helped Tyson get ready for his big day.

Tyson, all ready for his baptism.

Too bad they didn't have a larger baptismal suit for Jay (Tyson's father)--he looked like he 
just stepped off the set of Saturday Night Fever.

Chris gave a wonderful talk on baptism and even quoted from Toy Story: "To infinity and beyond" (because that's what baptism does for you). 

We love you Tyson! Congratulations!

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  1. I loved your blog about the baptism, your calling to complain, and Rafa. Both of you are gifted writers. (Hope Aunt Janet doesn't read this blog, because technically she gave Ty the baptism book. I gave him the CTR tie & scripture case.) It was such a wonderful weekend, that I'm still smiling about it.