Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Embarrassing Post

OK, so NO ONE commented on my last post, so I am throwing caution to the wind and going with my most embarrassing (but totally true) post possible. We'll see if anyone notices.

When I was a kid I remember watching the now legendary U.S. vs. Soviet Union hockey game in the 1980 winter Olympics. We were at my grandma's house glued to the set as the game was tied late. The game had actually happened earlier in the day, but this was its first broadcast in Pacific Time. During the commercials the local TV news station said (spoiler alert if you have not seen Miracle and were born in a barn) "The US wins big ... news at 11!!!"

My dad was livid. And that was before I knew that word. He immediately called in the news station to complain. Apparently he was not alone; the station mentioned many such complaints.

I distinctly remember him using the word "Tacky".

For my part I have NEVER called to complain before. I just take it and turn the proverbial cheek and all that ... until today. (Warning: Here comes the embarrassing part)

 I looked at ABC4.com, looked up their phone number, and called, nervous about sounding just the right degree of angry (I was going for something like "justifiably distraught").

A woman answered. I said (much more softly than planned) "I am actually calling to complain."
Her response was "Let me transfer you to the news room."
A man answered. He sounded nice. All my courage was gone.

And here's what came out of my mouth: "Um ... I'm actually calling to complain about something. Ok ... um ... I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but ... my wife and I watch The Bachelor."

His response? "Me too. My fiance'e and I watch it every week."
Me: Good. Then you'll appreciate my concern, and why I'm embarrassed.
Him: I totally relate. Go for it.
Me: Well, I make a point of not looking at any spoilers and won't let my wife tell me what Reality-Steve has to say.
Him: Of course, same here.
Me: Well then you'll understand why I was disturbed when I was watching the exclusive "Bachelor Ben gives ABC4 Behind-the-Scenes Interview" on your news show and saw a clip of him with one of the girls at the sundance film festival two weeks ago. Apparently she's the winner since the show rapped a while ago.
Him: Who was it?
Me: I'm not going to tell you; that would spoil it for you!
Him: You have to tell. Seriously, tell me.
Me: It's the one whose eyes are too close together. I think 'Lindzi'.
[I look this up frantically on the web]
Him: Wow. If she's the one left standing in a month I am going to be disturbed about that.
Me: Totally, I was surprised by that choice (now meaning Ben's choice and not ABC4's).
Him: I agree. Well, I know the guy that did that clip; I'll talk to him about it.
Me: Cool. Well anyway, it was good talking to you. Thanks for understanding.
Him: Ya, thanks for the call.

The long and short of it is that if I did have any Man cards left, they are all gone now.
Loooong gone.

When I told Cherie this tonight she laughed sooooo hard, saying:
"I loooooove you!!! You have to blog about that. This is GOLD!!!" and
"You're the best husband in the world!!!"

I guess that made it all worth it.

Interestingly, Cherie researched it and found out that the clip in question was from his date with Lindzi in San Francisco during the second week and therefore not a spoiler after all! I guess that makes me doubly embarrassed. I'll have to call him back tomorrow.

But now Cherie's looked up the real spoilers and now we know who wins. Dang! I'll never complain again.


  1. Coincidentally, I just happened to watch the Bachelor for the 1st time ever last night.... couldn't find anything else on Hulu.

    I love me a trashy trainwreck, but I couldn't get into it. I mean, they kicked off some girl for having an X boyfriend... when the Ben is dating 8 people at once.

    What the?

  2. Also... I think you"ll like this http://youtu.be/bh1dS4JFp4w

  3. Chris! I love this and that you are writing. Carl and I are totally your and Cherie's fans, whatever you are doing.

  4. all it takes is to put up the embarrassing stuff, and then all of a sudden you get comments! i tend to either get way too mad or be much too meek, i totally relate.

  5. Thanks for the comments all. Janice, sad but true. People love a trashy train wreck (well said Kate), even it's just my embarrassing blog post!

    And Kate, I totally agree. As I sit here watching alone tonight (Cherie is working after hours :( ), I find it does nothing for me. It's just a medium for me and Cherie to laugh (we have a silly history with it). By its own right it's just a worthless piece of TV trash; I hope no one took my post as a recommendation!