Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Medical Study

About six weeks ago I contacted a medical study about the possibility of becoming a participant. The EAGeR study is currently underway through the University of Utah and looks at the effects of low dose aspirin on reproduction (EaGeR: Effects of Aspirin in Gestation and Reproduction). There is some evidence that taking low dose aspirin improves blood flow to the uterus, thereby improving pregnancy outcomes.
So far I have had two meetings with a research nurse and am taking either a baby aspirin or a placebo in conjunction with folic acid daily. In addition to taking my medication, I also have to test my urine every morning to determine fertility levels, store this urine in the freezer, and keep a daily log. Super fun!

My EAGeR basket: urine cups and storage containers, fertility monitor
and testing sticks, medication, and daily journal.

When I told Chris that we would need to clear some space in the freezer to store my urine, he replied, "Well, that's not the grossest thing that has been in there." He was referring to the leftover Indian food from our wedding that went bad and then got frozen in the hopes that the freezer would somehow remove the rotten taste. It sat for over a year and still tasted terrible.

White box in the middle of the freezer=urine storage container

Box o'urine

I'm excited about the study and happy to be a participant, especially since they aren't taking any new participants as of this month. I just barely got in.

For more information on the EaGeR study:


  1. I love that urine is not the grossest thing that has been in your freezer. hahahahhah!

    Best of luck with the study!