Thursday, June 30, 2011

'Meta' News

If you know me well then you probably also know my favorite prefix. I used it so often for a while that people were starting to call me ‘meta’.

But now in a beautiful piece of irony, the basketball player known for starting the biggest brawl in NBA history has been taken my idea to a new level, re-naming himself “Metta World Peace”. Yes, there’s an extra ‘t’ in there, which I guess is a Buddhist thing, but still.

If it was my ‘meta’ word then what would “meta-world-peace” be? How would we even resolve the syntactic ambiguity? Would it mean peace in the meta-world (eternally worshiping Godel)? Or would it be meta-peace in this world (I suppose: coming to peace with the fact that there will never be actual peace)?

I looked at several videos about this, and this was clearly the funniest. I love the guy who thinks it means ‘pieces of meta(l), spread all over the world’.

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