Sunday, August 11, 2013

Epic Trip: Part 2

The entire point of this trip was to drive the Pacific Coast. Originally we were going to drive from Seattle to San Diego but we shortened it to save time. After our time in SF we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge excited to get on with our original concept.

However, after two hours of driving the coast, we had only gone about 40 miles along this very windy road and we were all feeling a little sick to our stomachs. So much for that. After picking a lunch of blackberries we quickly headed over the I-5 in the center of the state, and drove up to Northern CA where we spent the night just outside of Jedidiah Smith State Park.

The next morning we took a lovely hike through an amazing old growth Redwood forest.

We then drove on to Grants Pass, Oregon where we stopped in to visit a family Chad knew on his mission. We had fun at the old time pharmacy in town which as far as I can tell is just mostly a craft store now. We enjoyed $0.25 phosphates, which are supposed to be old timey sodas but taste more like flavored fizzy corn syrup. It was still fun.

We then drove on to Crater Lake National Forest. 
We hiked a long the rim trail before setting up camp for the night.

The next morning we hiked down to the lake. 
Chad and Chris jumped off of a rock into the freezing water.

We then drove on to Portland and stayed with my sister Courtnie and her husband Kenny. The next morning we showed Chad around town. We went to Powell books where Avery had a fantastic time pulling all of the books off of the shelf.

We stood in line for Voodoo doughnuts (not worth it, but still fun).

We then drove across the OR/WA border to visit Grampy Steve and Ann, Chris's Dad and step-mom who live in Vancoover. Ann basically runs the local farmers market and we had a great time visiting family and browsing the local produce and arts/crafts.

Avery and Cass, her cousin.
Ann and Carson, our nephew.

We then drove on the Seattle which we loved! We walked through the famous Pikes Fish Market,

had lunch on the Pier,

chased some pigeons,

went to the gum wall (gross),

and then to the Space Needle.

We then split up. While Chris went to the Experience the Music Project Museum,

Chad and I went to the new Dale Chihuly Museum. Chihuly is a famous glass artist and he has been one of my favorite artists for over a decade. He did the famous Belagio ceiling.

Before we left town the next day we stopped off to see the Fremont troll.

Part 2 was a blast and it was wonderful to see so much family and friends along the way.

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